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Feather Form I

The Leaves, Pods and Feathers page shows recent creations including interior 'table-top' size sculptures .

Copper Pod XlV

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On the Exhibitions page you will find a list of Peter's past venues, and the Where to See page has links to some of the garden galleries where he shows his work.


Other pages are devoted to his various works, including his
Organic Forms

Leaves, Pods & Feathers, Spirits Series
Cosmic collection



To see larger images, click on thumbnails.

contact: e-mail

If you are interested in sculpture, and particularly in copper sculpture for the garden, you may already be familiar with the work of Peter M Clarke, either through visiting sculpture gardens, or by seeing images of his work in the media.

Fluted Head

The final Contact page gives you an opportunity to comment on the site or to ask for further information.

Copper Pod Form V


We hope you enjoy your visit and, as we intend to update this site from time to time, adding images on the New work page as it is created, we invite you to visit again sometime!