Peter M Clarke's Copper Sculpture

Peter M Clarke MRBS, Sculptor

Dancing Spirit II
'…And they played the drum, the heartbeat of our Mother Earth, in their ceremonies while the people danced in honour of the Creator and all living things. They danced in thanks for good crops and all other things the Creator provides through respect and love.'
Eagle Walking Turtle

Dancing Spirit I

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Celestial Spirit I


Peter embarked on his Spirits Collection after researching the lives and cultures of the Native American Indians. Impressed by their strong spiritual and natural links with Mother Earth, and the respect that their tribes gave to all aspects of nature, he was moved to develop a body of work influenced by their rich imagery and symbolism.

His intricate copper Dancing Spirits were inspired by the masks of the Ghost Dancers whose rituals were enacted to invoke the help of the spirits of the ancients.

Sentinel I


The presence of the Spirits was perceived in the sounds and movements of the trees, of the rivers, of the wind. So every living creature, every plant, every stone contained some spiritual force.




3 Dancing Spirits





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